Rumor Confirmed? Divi at the World Cup?

Is it true Divi Project will advertise during the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, pushing $Divi to between $0.40 and $0.96? Since December 2 when La Liga announced choosing Divi Wallet as their regional crypto wallet, speculation as swirled around one-word Divi CEO Nick Saponaro uttered in the telegram channel, “Activations”

What are “Activations.” No one knew, and every explanation would only lead to more questions.

Until December 28th. Today Nick let a crumb drop. “But moving into 2022 we will start to do the actual Activations, so I am planning on, as long as COVID permits, traveling to a lot of the matches, and I can’t really guarantee this, but we can start to speculate on the fact that one of the regions we are in is the Middle East, and that the World Cup is in Qatar this year.”

That’s great, but what does this mean for $Divi? PRICE! Currently, analysis reveals that there are roughly 20,000 Divi holders worldwide. At the last world cup in 2018 3.573 billion people watch worldwide. With only 2.66 billion Divi, there simply is not enough divi in the world to give each viewer 1 Divi. If only 1 in a million buy $10,000 in Divi ($0.07724) it would consume 17.3% of all existing Divi. Or said differently, over 230 days of 2 Mil Divi volume would need to be sold.

Now if you have been following Divi price closely, you will know that Divi volume isn’t often over 2Mil volume and even if it was, it has never moved in the green 230 days in a row. But that wouldn’t happen, people want their Divi now. While master-nodes are being dis-assembled, Divi un-staked, and moved to the exchanges to meet demand, the price will react and this will be the largest percentage of growth this coin has ever seen. That is pretty impressive, considering the coin has already grown 1,244.99% since it was first publicly traded. If Divi simply reacts the way it has before, this would pull a $0.96 price evaluation for Divi.

Take a breath, that was a lot. A more conservative view emerges when we look into what Activations actually are. “But the biggest part of it I think is the Activations. Actually being able to go to El Classico and be in-person with people and getting people to download the wallet right there and people to buy a beer, book a hotel, or buy some merchandise at the stadium, those kinds of things, that is a game changing partnership.”

So, the most conservative view is that Nick and the La Liga Ambassadors will host events around the World Cup, which will lead to Divi Activations. During these events, people will be able to download and sign up for the Divi Wallet, and possibly use Divi in commerce. “Book your next vacation with Divi for a %5 discount” I wonder what kind of people get tickets and travel to the World Cup? Of those, how many would be invited to a La Liga event? What kind of people will they be?

The point being the most conservative view is that we get Nick and the team around movers and shakers again. Some of the richest soccer fans in the world will be there. There is a 60% overlap with La Liga fans and Crypto enthusiasts. What would that overlap be for those who can attend a World Cup match? Today a $1mil order would buy divi up to $0.40.

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  1. Divi is on the cusp of something so mind boggling big … my mind … boggles !

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