Crypto coin $Divi is preparing to Launch

Divi is up 363%, and our analysis shows there is a lot more room to grow. Three announcements are fueling the rise, one set to be revealed tomorrow, December 2nd, 2021.

In this saucy video Nick Saponaro, CEO of Divi Labs, is picking out his new car, and he needs to decide between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. His choice, “Let’s get them both… 2 days till launch” …

“Launch what?” is what the community is asking. Divi Research has previously uncovered two amazing possibilities, and is researching a third.

In What happened we uncovered a telecom wants to license Divi technology to subsidize the cost of data in developing nations. The cost of the 4G/LTE data is subsidized by the Divi node that is on the device. In this article we predict that Divi could grow from a top 300 market cap coin to a top 200 market cap coin, which it did, sitting at #184 at this time.

In Bullish Move we detail out the premium sports league partnership Divi Labs teased out for the community and compared it to the, eToro, and Litecoin sports partnerships. These partnerships all yielded greater than 10x returns, and this seems eminent for Divi as well.

In a soon to be released article, we will be detailing the planned bridges which will allow Divi to from to and from the largest chains, Binance and Ethereum. Multiple other coins have built this type of integration, and they have shown 100x growth as a result of the increased liquidity.

Is the Divi team planning on Television advertising? A prominent community member has dropped this tease in the Divi telegram:

In our estimation, this is just the beginning for $Divi, and if all three of these plans get executed in 2022, we can see the price rising to $5, which would make $Divi #8 in market capitalization, ahead of Dogecoin. Did that video have a dog in it?

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