Bullish move: Divi blockchain soon to ink partnership with a top sports league

Divi has hinted at a partnership deal with one of the top sports leagues; this is a good move towards growth for the blockchain firm. 

  • Divi coin has hinted at a move for a multi-year partnership deal with one of the top sports leagues.
  • Divi logo will be televised for the first time.
  • It’s a good move to ascertain the wider adoption of Divi crypto in the sports industry.

The growth of crypto in daily usage and the media activities around it has increased awareness of its use in the sports industry, and the warm acceptance given by the sports industry towards crypto will change people’s perspectives about crypto.

The sports industry currently stands at $388.3 Billion after a decline from $488.5 Billion due to Covid 19, but it’s expected to reach $599.9 Billion by 2025. The sports industry is indeed a money bag as it Leverages Sponsorship, Global Merchandise, and Matchday Revenue, amongst others.

Recently, The largest US crypto exchange platform Coinbase announced a multi-year partnership deal with the NBA, Women’s National Basketball, NBA 2K league, USA Basketball and NBA G League. FTX also signed a $135 million naming rights deal with the Miami Heat. These are few amongst crypto firms making moves towards the sports industry.

We’ve also seen the sports industry respond to the acceptance of crypto, particularly football. Various Football teams in Europe now own their crypto token, and Man City is amongst the next in line of action waiting-to-launch their football fan token on the Binance trading platform.

The Divi move into the sports industry will affect the crypto company in many positive ways; it will increase the acceptance of Divi coin due to the population and influence of sport and also increase its market cap, amongst other things.

What is Divi Blockchain?

Divi is a blockchain project that is built on the proof of stake concept. It’s a blockchain platform that provides every digital financial tool you need to execute your crypto transactions. Its core message is simple and clear: Easy Usability, Easy and Straight Accessibility to all your crypto finances, and an easy-to-use interface.

  • It’s built to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of digital currencies.
  • Its native coin is Divi, and it offers financial services like: exchange, digital wallet, debit card, and many more.

Four positive impacts of the Sport Industry partnership on Divi token

Divi is one of the blockchain projects that has seen the potential in the sports industry and growth in partnering with the sports industry by further expanding its usage, market capital, and mass adoption- the move will further increase its overall user base worldwide.

Below are some of the many advantages and growth the sports industry can offer the Divi coin.

  1. Increase in Market Capital 

The Divi market cap today is $206.140 million. A partnership deal from Divi blockchain to the sports industry with a global market capitalization of over $200 billion will automatically boost Divi’s market cap.

In March 2021, Crypto.com signed a partnership deal with Aston Martin Cognizant, making it the first crypto partnership with Formula-1 sport.

The partnership gave crypto.com more exposure and increased user adoption, which led to over 10 million active users worldwide, making them the largest crypto platform in the US with a market capitalization of $19,331,076,731 at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap.

       2.   Trading Service and others 

Divi blockchain can offer various financial services to the sports industries, from transactions to digital wallets and exchanges, facilitating growth, increasing company revenue, and overall increasing company value. An example of a blockchain company offering such services is Etoro.

Etoro has been making waves in the sports industry, particularly football, by offering crypto services to the Premier League teams, which have increased the company value greatly. 

By September 2020, it was already one of the leading sponsors of the big teams in the Premier League, sponsoring teams like Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester City, Newcastle, Brighton & Hove Albion, Crystal Palace, and many more.

Etoro suggests football teams can use cryptocurrency in player transfers, Club Merchandise, and controlling & reducing ticket touting. The move has greatly increased their overall user base, growth, and revenue.

3. Increase in Awareness and Market Dominance

The market dominance of Divi coin is relatively low compared to leading crypto coins, and it ranked number #332 on CoinMarketCap. A partnership deal with any of the top sports companies will skyrocket the coin value and increase its market dominance and active users.

In 2018, Lite coin partnered with UFC 232, sponsoring the lightweight fight between Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones. The event received 40 Million user impressions on Twitter which led to an increase in the Lite coin users, peaking at 16 Million users worldwide.

4. Confidence in the Authenticity and Growth

Striking a partnership deal with the sports industry has proven to build investors’ trust in the originality and success of crypto projects. Divi partnership with the sports industry will boost investors’ confidence in the prospect and success potential.

Barcelona FC (BAR) sold its crypto token in over 106 countries and generated more than $1.2 Million within two hours of sales on the Chillz exchange- this shows how sports influence affects the crypto industry, and there is unlimited space and opportunities to tap from which Divi blockchain is also moving towards.

NBA Top Shot, a blockchain-based card system that provides licensed digital items for users, has accumulated more than $230 Million in gross sales.  

Partnership with the sports industry will boost investors’ confidence in the Divi blockchain, giving the coin more exposure and increasing users worldwide.


Partnership with the sports industry will boost investors’ confidence in the Divi blockchain, give the Divi coin more exposure, and increase worldwide users. The partnership between crypto firms and the sports industry has proven to be fruitful and profitable. The potential and opportunities for this partnership between them are vast and unmeasurable.

Despite the big moves in crypto and more adoption from other industries, the fact still holds that cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and one has to invest with caution. Also, the future of the legal status of crypto is still not certain.

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